I’d love to watch the premiere a week early, but unfortunately there’s a lot of water separating me from New York City. If you are more auspiciously located—hurricanes notwithstanding—then you can attend a special premiere party on November 3 at Vanderbilt Hall. You have to RSVP though. This  “Playdate Premiere Party” is set to involve the screening of the premiere of season 3 and of Littlest Pet Shop. Please take notes.

One detail that has led to confusion among our editorial team is that the website states that “At least ONE guest MUST BE under the age of 18.” Our reporter Garethrogue, who is planning to attend the event, will inquire with the Hub whether this means that “At least ONE of the guests MUST BE under the age of 18” or “At least ONE guest under the age of 18 MUST BE present.” He was however successful in signing up without specifying a guest.

Update: The website currently says the following:

In view of the unprecedented severe weather that struck the northeastern U.S. this week and the ongoing massive cleanup efforts, The Hub TV Network is postponing its planned Saturday, Nov. 3, “Playdate Premiere Party” event at New York’s Grand Central Station. Further information about the potential rescheduling of this event will be posted on this page by Friday, November 2nd.

  • Aren’t both of those conditions kind of the same thing? Just worded differently?

  • EquestriaGuy

    Some people are saying that an under 18 guest is required. Others are saying that guests are optional, but if you bring one, one guest must be under 18. In the first case you must bring a guest, in the other you can bring no guests and go solo.

  • Aponymous

    does anypony know if they’ve postponed this due to the recent weather?

  • EquestriaGuy (Garethrogue)

    Yes, it is postponed. I got the email about 9 hours ago. No new date has been set, but they hope to get it in within the next week.

  • Aponymous

    ah thanks…kinda wondered why DS hadn’t mentioned an update or anything (email probably was delayed due to weather as well) on it yet. oh well I’ll be watching the on-demand sneak peak this saturday to coincide.

    I’m nowheres near NY so I can’t attend but wondered all the same.

    Also not exactly related but has anyone noticed hub’s added a bunch of other activity games to the site? (or have they always been there and I just noticed them)

    Basically some old G3 flash things and also some Littlest Pet Shop games (ok it says classic,and you play as this G3.5 looking LPS pony catching snowflakes and have to avoid falling snowmen…and I spent a good hour playing it last night and it’s not as challenging as the cupcake challenge but)