One of the really cool parts about Japan is, wherever you go, you can get cool prizes from the arcades there.

Kotaku wrote about new prizes that were beiung shown off at the JAPEO 2013 arcade expo. You can check out the original piece for other prizes that will be coming to Japan this year, including the new Ghost in the Shell movie series.

There seems to be two sizes of plushies, with all mane 6 represented. Smaller plushies have a loop of string on them. Smaller applejack also has a fabric hat, too.

No word on how much you’re expected to shell out to win one of these or who the manufacturer is.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, DHN staff, I gotta ask: how have you not yet made a huge, huge deal about Derpy returning in the last episode? I thought you guys would’ve made a big blowout extravagant site-filling post about it by now :)

  • ManeFlame

    Looks like AJ became a Black Mage, with that hat. Hmmm….

  • Jody Morgan

    Teeny plush Applejack with hat? Want!

    It’s hard to tell in that particular photo, but the larger AJ may have a hat as well.

  • Anonymous

    That small AJ actually has a Hat! So gonna import that baby!!!

  • Pendejo

    Does Hasbro even still make the jumbos everyone hated so much? Damn…