Pointless Ponies Update 10/1



Fillies and Gentlecolts,

There are 12 days left until the survey closes for this edition of “Pointless Ponies” to be played at Ponyville Ciderfest on Friday, October 20th at 2pm at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee in the Caramel Room (Lakeshore C). Right now, if I get an average of five respondents per day going forward, then we will have 100 respondents for the survey!
I am also going to give you tips on some of the questions. For question 4, I’m looking for characters who headlined at least one edition of the Friends Forever comic series. If you have not read the comics, then just guess by typing some characters down. Chances are, you’ll be right on at least one of them. I cannot give clues that lead to specific answers, so you’ll have to figure that one out on your own. Again, you can find a lot of the answers on mlp.wikia.com.
This week, I plan on getting the prizes for “Pointless Ponies”. There will be prizes for participants of the game and for winning the game. If the winning team can come up with a Pointless Answer (a correct answers that 0 people came up with) in the bonus round, then they will win a movie-themed prize in excess of $35 in value! There also might be prizes for people in the crowd. Details on that later.
Again, your participation in this survey is important to the success of the show at Ponyville Ciderfest and greatly appreciated. It will take at most 15 minutes to complete.
That’s all for now. More later.


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