Ponibooru’s Twilight

Sleep Twilight Sparkle by gign-3208

Ponibooru was founded by a person dubbed Archive (Eco on Ponibooru), who is the person behind Ponibooru, FiM.413chan and the MLPG Archives (hence the name). I’m not 100% sure when Ponibooru started but it was roughly December 2010, back when this fandom was still in its infancy. At the time the only other sites in the G4 bracket running was DerpyHooves.com, MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic.com (a defunct forum board, last I checked the domain redirected to Ponychan), and the community wikia. The site provided a central place for artists to post their works outside of the /co/ MLP General.

It has been announced today that Ponibooru will shut down August 17th, 2012. At the moment the site has been placed in read-only mode and a full message from Archive has been posted.

This is official notice that Ponibooru is shutting down.

This has been a long time coming, and is not due to any sort of external pressure, nor is it due to financial problems. The reasons are personal: I (Eco/Archive/&c) have simply reached the point where I can see no way to run the site that I can live with, nor do I have any person whom I trust to run the site in a way I can endorse.

Here’s how this is going to go down:

  1. Effective immediately, no new uploads or comments will be processed; the site is going read-only. At some point in the next 24 hours, humans (as opposed to spambots) who were banned will be unbanned, as, in a read-only site, they can no longer do any damage.
  2. Eight torrents have been provided:
    1. Every safe image
    2. Every questionable image
    3. Every explicit image
    4. Every unrated image
    5. Every high-scoring safe image
    6. Every high-scoring questionable image
    7. Every high-scoring explicit image
    8. Every high-scoring unrated image
  3. All above-average images (the same ones chosen for the four “cream of the crop” torrents) are being bulk-imported to Derpibooru, whose admin has assured me that the site will be able to take the load should you be seeking a new image repository to frequent.
  4. There is now a “Bulk Download” feature (the bugs in which we have been fixing over the past week). Whenever you do a search, there will be a button at the bottom of the left-hand menu to download a ZIP of the first 100 images that matched the search, along with a “credits” file of the same type as in the torrents. The URL the button goes to can be edited to produce subsequent 100-image “pages”.
  5. Two months from now, on August 17th, 2012, Ponibooru will go dark. Hotlinked images may continue to work indefinitely, but I make no guarantees.

This affects none of my other projects; the thread locator especially isn’t going away any time soon.

Thank you for using Ponibooru. I am glad that I was able to provide something of value to the community for the year and a half since its founding, and I regret that I was not up to the task of keeping it going forever.

— Eco

We’ll also remind people outside of Derpibooru, there is also Bronibooru operated by Ponygoons / The Round Stable over on MLPonlines. Bronibooru is moderated as a SFW image gallery.

  • TheLoneLampman

    It’s a very sad day for us Ponibooruians and we will miss the place dearly. It’s unfortunate it had to end this way.
    Already, many of us have started setting up shop at Derpibooru. NSFW is unfortunatly a requirement for our usual antics, so Bronibooru may not see as big an increase in traffic.

    Rest in peace, Ponibooru.

  • Chromadancer

    Sad news, but glad to hear Derpibooru will step up to the plate here.

    Also, the torrent links go to a 404 page.

    • Spazz

      Not anymore.

      • Chromadancer

        Thanks! Totally gonna download and seed the everloving crap out of these :)

  • Anonymous

    I kept comming back to the booru page since It was working this morning. I kept wondering why it wasn’t updating and then I noticed the notice. I felt those shivers man, I was filled with anger and sadness, anger because it’s a shit reason to take down a site and sadness because I loved looking at all that art and stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly i have to admit that i wont miss Ponibooru. It was always slow (almost unusable) for me, so i was already using other booru such as bronibooru/derpibooru/20percentcooler.

    Yet it’s sad to see one of the oldest site of this community (damn, it was one of the few sites around when i joined) closing.
    Thanks Archive for keeping Ponibooru online all of this time, and thanks for everything else you have done and you’re still doing.

  • filledwithsolutions

    Its too bad, nothing lasts forever I suppose

  • And thus all good things must come to an end, unfortunately. I’ll miss Ponibooru as one of the more sane haunts for fans of FIM.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone having trouble with the Safe image torrent?

    • Spaghet

      The safe image torrent has over 65000 files in it, which is the limit for most torrent clients. Also, the filenames of the images are extremely long and might exceed the maximum path length in Windows depending on where they are saved.

      • ED-SKaR

        How do you fix this, I’d really love to download all the images and seed them. I found a workaround for xp/vista 32bit but I’m on Windows 7 64bit.

        • Spaghet

          Honestly I don’t know. I found a port of a Linux bittorrent client that can handle the huge torrent file, but it doesn’t solve the problem of Windows choking on the long path names (I had half of the files before it error’d out).

  • hmm, I still like 20percentcooler.net I think that their a pretty cool image site.

  • AssholeAnon

    Good riddance.

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  • DieHardjagged

    Can anyone name a Client, which is be able to add that 87GB+ Torrent?
    Tried a few and couldnt get it working.
    (W7 64B)

  • DieHardjagged

    Guys, someone already told us he used a Windows Port of a Linux Torrent Loader and after some search i found it:
    Go and try it, maybe it works with the 65k Files Torrent

  • Npm

    Does anybody know how big the “all safe” torrent is?