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So the big news over the weekend was of course the San Diego Comic Con, probably the biggest con of its kind in the US (assuming, I know little of conventions). The only other “large” convention of this nature that comes to mind is the New York Comic Con. But the SDCC seems to be the place where all the shows produce exclusive toys and collectibles for their fans, through my various searches I did take note of the other past SDCC exclusives from shows like Robot Chicken.

Outside of the show news the biggest was of course SDCC Exclusive figure of the grey pony, aka Derpy Hooves. The picture above shows the convention poster, along with a note that they had sold out. If not mistaken the figure basically sold out in the first day, and of course there was no backup supply. An SDCC Zecora figure was also available, but not quite as popular as our derp.

Over the course of the weekend we collected what we could on the convention, obviously posting the bigger news such as the MLP Panel and Season 3 previews up earlier than this post. To recap them for you looking to read up all about it:

The first news to come out of SDCC was the announcement of an MLP based comic being written by Katie Cook and drawn by Andy Price. The comic is being slated to appear in your local comic shops in November and will feature unique stories (rather than re-hashing the episodes). Andy Price had posted a few details about the comic, such as all pages will be hand drawn, keep in eye in the background for possible shout outs, and that there probably won’t be any previews unless IDW & Hasbro give the okay (past history says probably not). They are aiming at making the book readable for all ages, such as the show.
 Over the Twitter Wires, Lauren Faust put a call out for someone to snag a SDCC Derpy (and later Zecora) and offered an exchange, the figures for a sketch. John Joseco was the one to answer the call for Derpy, and I would only assume she did get her hands on a Zecora.

 Two previews of Season 3 were seen at the convention, along with a somewhat mysterious message about next month leading to many to believe Season 3 may start in August.

One of the first pieces of news from SDCC was the trolley that was taking people to and from the convention center. Several cars were dressed up with ponies, and inside the cars included “motivational” posters of the Mane 6 (seen in the gallery below).

  • Rainbow Dash: Courage – “I could clear this sky in ten seconds flat.”
  • Rarity: Confidence – “Nice is an understatement, I look fabulous!”
  • Applejack: Independence – “I harvested the entire Sweet Apple Acres without your help. How do you like them apples?”
  • Fluttershy: Success – “Yay!”
  • Pinkie Pie: Spirit – “I never leave home without my party cannon.”
  • Twilight: Determination – “If I can’t find a friendship problem, I’ll make a friendship problem!”

There is also a video of the trolley in action found here, made by local San Diego resident AwesomeBrony.

Then of course there was Hasbro’s booth which seemed to be filled with pony (assuming it was just one section, as you can see they also were pimping G.I. Joe and I’m sure Transformers). There isn’t much to note about this outside a slew of merchandise in display cases, including a giant Derpy figure, and of course the giant Pinkie Pie (is that the same one we see Seth Green sitting with at Hasbro HQ?). You can find a full size gallery of all the pictures above at the end of the post.

And then of course the MLP Panel, where information was given out about the upcoming season along with various other questions. We do have some notes, Sethisto of EqD was in attendance so of course he got the skinny on everything. You can find the original notes here on his site. Here is a recap:

  • Trixie was more or less confirmed, it wasn’t said directly but someone said “I think we’re not allowed to say, but I will expect season three to maybe see some great and powerful stuff.”
  • They talked about Derpy. Someone asked if she’d received any more speaking roles and the response was that Hasbro loves Derpy now (obviously by everything she is appearing in), but will probably remain in the background.
  • Someone asked about “Which background pony would you like to voice” and eventually Octavia came up, in which Cathy Weseluck more or less randomly did a voice for her, and hinted that she could do a duet with Rarity.
  • Something about Fluttershy turning into a dragon and her cute voice coming from the giant lizard was mentioned by Tabitha. (McCarthy claims this is false, but god knows).
  • Possible more Luna.

And that pretty much wraps up the SDCC from my end.

[ Sources: EqD, ToyArk, Twitter & Fans ]

  • Chromadancer

    “To also note the SDCC Derpy was available on Monday via the HasbroToyShop website, and sold out literally within 2 minutes of appearing.”

    Raise your hoof if you didn’t see THAT one coming. :(

    Guess we’ll have to hope they take note of its immense popularity and make a regular production run of the Derpy’s… cuz I’m not paying 200 bucks on ebay for one, that’s for sure.

    • Chromadancer

      *raise your hoof if you SAW that one coming, rather. I didn’t even see the Derpys on HasbroToyShop at all yesterday, and had assumed they weren’t even going up.

    • Flutter

      Derpy acually sold out today, Wednesday. She went up at 12:08 EST and lasted no more than 10 minutes… I got one though.

  • Folly

    So… does anyone know if it’s possible for me to get my hands on that Rarity motivational? Or a knock off of it? Do need

  • Christy

    When did derpy go up? I checked religiously on that site all day. Never saw her. :(

  • JESmith

    So did the Derpy toys go up on Hasbro’s site, and did they take them down as soon as they sold out? What confirmation do you guys have that it happened?

  • Kagusaki

    From what I heard at Comic Con, Derpy was still in stock but was capped each day. During preview night, Derpy was capped at 300 and she was sold out even before they opened the doors >.< Luckily I was able to get a couple of her the next day. She was sold out a few hours after and was the first item at the booth to sell out each day. I believe she was totally gone by Friday. I would never have guessed that Derpy would sell out faster then the other collectables although who would want to lug around a huge Helicarrier all day? X3

  • SuperBrony64

    I hope they get more of the Derpy toy in stock online. I’d like to get one of them. ^-^

  • derpymatic

    lol @ commenters:

    ‘so there was this con or something like that… idunno, doesnt matter… what’s important is the DERPY TOY!’