Ponies Run Deep (Twilight Sighted in Chevy Ad)

"Lemme get this straight.
This guy, on his way home after building a log cabin, stops to haul a whole trailer hitch of books for Twilight Sparkle, pulls up the fucking Space Shuttle upright, hauls barrels full of monkeys around, drives over a giant dog (only the worst terrain known to man) with a boat in tow, and makes it home to his wife, Laura Croft, all while avoiding and barreling through a road strewn with obstacles, in his Chevy Silverado.
I have a new hero."—Redirukod, YouTube commentator

Just happen to catch this during football earlier, and of course Canterlot Twilight just grabbed my attention for the half-second she’s in the background.
I’m sure they just grabbed a bunch of random toys for this ad, so I doubt there’s some brony working for Chevy’s advertising partner (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners).

My question is why does this kid have girly toys that are in such good condition? I’m sure if he’d stole them from his sister, they’d have crayon and tread marks all over them.

via Chevrolet YouTube

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