Ponies Take Los Angeles by Storm

I really wanted to report on this as soon as I saw it, unfortunately I was away from my laptop “roughing it” the past few days. (Translator Note: Roughing it means camping, kinda.)

The official Facebook page shared the news with the fans of the page yesterday that it was going up Today. I had to steal the pictures from that other place, since I don’t live in L.A.

Then, on the same page as L.A. Kevin Smith’s family resides somewhere around there. I had been a regular listener of his Smodcast a couple months ago but just kinda stopped, it happens. It was reported that he talked about it on the latest show with his daughter who guest starred in it. I was able to listen to the whole thing. Kevin totally likes the ponies, he was trying to shrug it off like “Hey kids, how ’bout dem Pokemans?” kinda deal, I saw through his lies. They only touched base on the show with his kid who seemed to be totally out of place and too shy to be in a podcast, even if its with her parents.

Here’s a little excerpt from the podcast:
Kevin: So, do you wanna talk about the my little ponies? the bronies? (he totally said bronies a couple times.)
Harley (the daughter, pretend she’s acting like fluttershy right now. it totally helps): Uh, not really… I like the show… it’s cool.
Kevin: come on, lets talk some more about it!
(the kid tries to avoid talking about it more)

it’s about 40 minutes into this hour long podcast, if you listened to it in anticipation I’m sure you understand my feelings about this.

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