Pony Games

First off we have another RD Game, a side scroller in which you dodge parasprites and a few other things.  Now as the video says, this is early alpha (and video is of bad quality).   is open to suggestions via the youtube description.  With a name like Super Dash, I’d say maybe one goal (or a weapon that has to be built up through collecting something) would be the Sonic Rainboom.

Then on the flip side, we have the Pony Piano by distoorted.  Its really fun to play, and I must agree, Fluttershy is the best piano pony (yay).

  • ==Maverick==

    Yep, working on the 'Super Dash' right now :D

    More then likely the 'Super Dash' is going to have an animated cone and a sonic rainboom effect, and will cause any parasprites you pass to burst into little flames. :D

    Lot more things are planned for this, Ive already put in a few new features, updated version should be released sometime next week.

    and thanks for the post. :D

  • ==Maverick==

    I also have a PMV on my youtube channel (Pinkies New Disease) that for some reason EqD refuses to host…guess they dont like Metal PMV's haha, but theres some content for you they havent got their hands on yet, and the people who's commented on the video really likes it. :)

  • derpymaths

    ^ wait.. what!? no metal? the hell!? i bet derpyhooves will post it.