Pony Panels

"[Another Anime Convention] includes four panels over the three days that focus on a non anime show that has become popular over the past year — “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” With one arts and crafts panel focused on making your own ponies, other panels either reimagine the ponies as part of a undead apocalypse (How to Survive the Ponypocalypse), are aimed at the general fandom of the show (Calling All Bronies), or explain their appeal (Why Ponies are Awesome)."

I knew ponies were getting popular at anime conventions (even at my home Dinky con), but four panels over three days has to be the highest concentration of pony activity outside of BroNYcon.
While it doesn’t appear to be a high-profile con, what’s neat about these panels is that they appear to be more than just general discussion of the show. So, if you’re in New Hampsire or just didn’t get enough from BroNYcon, maybe check these out and report back to us?

via Examiner.com
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