Pony Pins Pre-Orders, Wave 5

Well, I’m a couple days late. There were circumstances behind some misinformation on my end. But anyways! At this time, all of the wave 4 orders should be out (according to the email. I don’t do anything but post about this project. And if you get the emails, then this is not news to you.)

Wave 5 includes 5 new pin designs! I will include the pictures, but the new ones are:

  • Princess Cadance and Shining Armour Cutie Mark Pins.
  • A Queen Chrysalis Silhouette Pin.
  • And the Traveling Pony Museum Airship and Trotting Peanut Bucker Pins.

Proceeds from the Traveling Pony Museum Airship pin will go to helping the TPM.
And proceeds from the Trotting Peanut Bucker pin will go to helping fund TrotCon 2012.

[Current Prices] (prices go down the more that are ordered!)

[Order Form]

[Official Site]

There is a new option with this one, if you’re going to Trotcon or Bronycon you can choose to pick them up in person from those venues.

More design pictures after the link.


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