Pony Space [Flash Game]

There’s simply not enough AJ around here

If I could find that picture of the guy from Dead Space as a pony that would go here.

The returning Fluffy (mixermike622) has put together a flash game where Pinkie tries to survive against waves of countless horrors. Too bad laughing at them doesn’t work here so you’ll have to shoot them.

it’s a beta moving at it’s own pace but it’s playable now. [Check out the dA page]

If I remember correctly, there’s an Easter Egg on the menu, I haven’t found it but with my hazy memory of it, someone mentioned that it may spoil the story mode or something. I can’t confirm it.

  • Lapsio

    Wow :D Catchy…

  • PootisPony

    Wow D: hard.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    Wow excellent game, now I need professional help to stop playing.
    It feels terribly wrong to lose, no matter how much you play you there is no way of saving pinkie pie.