Pony Toy Digest

So there was a slew of toy news yesterday that needs to be covered.  New bling bag ponies, things appearing in stores, that sort of fun.  If you’ve read this on EqD, well then, nothing new here.

New Blind Bag Ponies: Three new Blind Bag ponies have appeared and the recolored goodness. (Images are courtesy of Champony on MLP Arena).

MLP Train – Sweetie Belle’s Ice Cream Train Car:  There was that train seen awhile back, guess you can buy it in chunks.  The above title explains itself.  (from Shortyboo)

FiM Pencil Case:  This would probably work out for all the artists in the community, official FiM pencil case. (from Whellu)

Glitter wings Rarity:  Obviously this is going to be a series since we’ve already seen (and pondered why) a Rainbow Dash version.  I think Rarity would be pissed at the hair.  (from SoSilver)

Blind Bag Pony Collection appearing at Toys R’ Us:  These are finally appearing in toy stores, so if you’re looking to snatch one up, might start checking your local Toys R’ Us.  (Source:  Asia)

(Source: EqD, yeah I stole their pictures)

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    Yeah, they are a bit tinny.