Sweet Arrival
by =Tsitra360

We’ve kind of been following these reports, though they give very little news about the specific product we’re following, but the healthier a company the more they will dedicate to their products. For the second quarter report most of the information shows a downhill slide compared to last year, but with the economy and gas prices its probably to be expected. Prime example is their net revenue for the second quarter was $811.5 million compared to $908.5 million in 2011.

“My Little Pony products continued to grow backed by television programming globally.”

In general the ‘girls’ department of the company has shown a 13% decline. New products to come out include Furby (dear god..), 1D, the boy band product line, as well as feature holiday items.

On the other side, the ‘boys’ department is down 16% despite growth in Marvel products (expected to offset decline in Transformers and Beyblade).

Full report can be read here.

  • Arsenal

    Not the best news I don’t know how much it affects MLP though.

    Still waiting for news on the Season 3. They need to order 13 more eps to get the full 26.

  • tdijk

    Not great overall, but if MLP is doing well — particularly being led by the TV show — that means they’ll continue putting money into it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it’s due to the people who were buying the toys bought most of them already. It’s not as if they really release too terribly many new toys. At least not ones that are any different other than a scooter or new hat.