I think a better method for news is not to rush right out and post the details, until they all come in.  I’m only saying that as this is the 4th time I’ve edited this.  Basic story is that rumors started to fly around noon time today that pony videos were being taken down.  I dug around and someone gave me a link, which gave me the “not available” screen on youtube.  A back search of google revealed that it was Episode 1 from MenloMarseilles’s youtube channel.  Menlo also had written on the channel that a C&D from youtube was handed down on August 18th, but nothing has been confirmed if its actually Hasbro or just a massive troll roaming around.
Then someone asked the MLP Facebook page “I got a very important question for you – I have faith in you 
guys, so you hope you got a good explanation, but why are you removing videos from YT?”


This is somewhat cryptic in nature, doesn’t exactly say it was Hasbro but they are aware.  The fact they say “posted without proper permission” seems to say that yes, it is Hasbro.  EqD and even myself here has called it confirmed, but I’m backtracking and waiting for more news before we officially confirm its Hasbro.

If it is, I’ll repeat the most common phrase of today, “good way to shoot yourself in the hoof Hasbro”.  Otherwise for now, we wait.

There has also been rumor that PMVs and such have been taken down, I have no source for this at the moment, but if its true, you might want to grab a downloader and snag your favorites.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    EQD's confirmed via MLP's FB page it's them.
    So fuck it, I'm, grabbing all the 1080p rips while I can.

  • Blue fox

    I am leaning more toward some internet jerks. Hasbro would have taken down all the MLP episodes that other users have posted.
    And if it is them. Well they are screwed.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Well 4chan troll it is. But then as per eqd
    I was slightly inclined to believe it on the basis that it was on their FB page (inclined enough to set a 1080 RShare dl going), but then with how I woke up an hour or two ago you could've told me my feet were made of marshmallows and i would've believed you.

    It'd be nice if 4chan's fuckers could leave well enough alone. It's bad enough they troll us while we're there, but having them come after us?
    It's really quite childish of them.

    Still, it's not like the fandom's going to collapse or anything. This sort of thing almost has to happen when it grows this fast, on a platform like the internet of all places.

  • 8ftmetalhead
  • The Dread Pirate Roberts

    I very highly doubt that Hasbro did it. From what I've been able to dig up so far, it looks like a troll. Hasbro seems to recognize the value in its relationship with their odd fanbase.

    That said, if Hasbro did do it:
    (1) They have every right to. Face it.
    (2) If they did, it might be because the DVD set we've all been craving is getting ready for release. Can't have free media competing, can they?

    MLP videos on YouTube give them world-wide exposure, including markets that they haven't established a presence in yet. It does not make good business sense to pull them.

    But I have to say, I'm disappointed with all the rage directed against Hasbro right now. It doesn't speak well for the fans.

  • DerpySquad

    Yeah the rage wasn't cool at all, makes the entire fandom look utterly fucking insane, but I guess its going to happen as this fandom grows and grows.

    I'm putting my money on trolls, since nothing else has disappeared, even things I"ve been told (like the first four episodes being removed from Pensive) seem to be false, unless I'm looking at the wrong thing.

    Oh well, shit happens.

  • Grey Nightmare

    …If it's Hasbro and they continue to remove videos, well. They can kiss half there audience (and profit) goodbye, I know we all love it but somehow I doubt removing videos from youtube will suddenly make us all want to go and give them $50 for the series on iTunes!

  • Anonymous

    If I can't watch it online, then I can't watch it at all. I don't have TV, nor am I willing to pay them on itunes. I guess I'll just wait…

  • The Dread Pirate Roberts

    Here's the URL of one of the takedowns (Masterlinkx post of Episode 1), showing the copyright claimant was "Habsro, Inc.". Yeah, H-A-B-S-R-O. So this is the work of parasprites. Really crappy ones who can't even spell. I would have to assume that Hasbro's intellectual property attorneys know how to spell their employers name.