Ponycraft.Org – Magicka Video Game Crossover Art Contest

Ponycraft.org is having a crossover art contest that they’ve asked me to promote (as Mayor of Manehatten).  Here is the details of the contest (or click this link to go to the site).
What’s All This Then?
Ponycraft.org is hosting a Video-Game-Crossover-Art-Contest!  We are giving out one copy of Magicka on steam.
1. You must have an account on PonyCraft.org
2. You must be a brony.
3. The art must be pony and video game related.
4. No Clop-pics or Gore.
5. (A totally not cliché) Have fun!

How to Submit
1. Upload complete image to imgur.com
2. Get the direct image link. (Url will most likely end with a .jpg or .png)
3. Email the link to Contest@PonyCraft.org

Contest Information
The winner will on October the 15th (May be pushed back a few days) and begins immediately.
Please use a real email that you can check later.
The top 5 winners will be posted on the website.

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