I think I made a post about another ponykart project before that was the SNES version of super mario with pony sprites. This is 100% different from that project. Looks like they have it up and running well!

Hey, if ponies take trains they can have go karts as well.

They said to check back on their site on monday for those who are looking to help. The project site is www.ponykart.net

  • Devin

    Anyone notice how “Coming Soon” was stated to be in Valve and Blizzard Time?

  • You know, you can actually give Ponykart a test drive! Just download the source code, compile it, and play!

    I haven’t tried it yet myself, and I’m guessing that it’s quite unstable, so compile at your own risk.

  • Grez the Lizard Lord

    Excuse me for a moment while I call my floor guy and go collect my jaw from the basement.
    >Soon (C) Blizzard & Valve