By SirPayne

Seems someone discovered some Heart & Hooves screenshots from a puzzle game released on Hasbro’s site and of course sent it over to the EqD. Well thanks to Ponyleaks, we have at least one extra one that EqD didn’t get. All hidden behind the page breaks to prevent spoilage.

[Source: Ponyleaks]

Update: 2/6/2012 – During the airing of Read It and Weep, there was a promo video for the We <3 Ponies marathon that will be taking place next week. In this clip there are several very short clips from Hearts & Hooves. Video embedded behind the page break.

Anyone else what is going on in the 3rd picture, did Big Mac just hypnotize Cheerliee? Oh dear god the fics people will write on this one.

(As fellow irc comrade Poultron pointed out to me, the CMC use a potion to get Big Mac and Cheerilee hooked up together, thus that first picture of them staring at the shot glasses, and Hypno-Big Mac, makes sense).

  • Twaiuraito

    All glory to the Hypno-Mac.

    • Haha, awesome! But I think they are both equally hypnotized by the potion.

  • Anonymous

    How do you know it’s not Cheerilee hypnotizing Big Mac?

  • Asdfsa

    Oh god I cant wait for this episode.

  • anon

    I have a feeling Apple Bloom is trying to get her potion-mixing CM again…

  • Ya I think they were both hypnotized by the potion in the shot glass

  • Present Perfect

    Cheerilee in a veil.

    Why isn’t this episode coming faster. D: