Ponytime: SIGINT Gathering & Episode 7

Ponytime is a popular German podcast, and we do like to international around here at DHN (and Germany is #4 on our visitor list). They seem to be representing the community at a summit about technology and society, here’s some copy/pasta they sent in.


On this years SIGINT, a congress about technology and society held in Cologne by the Chaos Computer Club, there will be a Talk about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!


The talk is held in German language by me and the four other members of the Ponytime team, a podcast about the show and fandom (http://ponytime.net/). We will give an overview about the show, how it became a meme and how Ponies may have changed the internet to be become a better place. The talk will be quite long, we got almost two hours by the organizers, so there’ll surely be a lot of other aspects of the show and fandom, especially in the context of the social and technical themes of the congress.

For more informations about the SIGINT there’s an English overview of the conference at http://sigint.ccc.de/Call_for_Participation. There are also a lot of English speakers, so the whole event might be interesting for European Bronies: https://program.sigint.ccc.de/en/sigint12/public/events

Daniel / Sofakissen

You can also go over to ponytime.net and hit up their podcast, here’s the copypasta from Ponytime #7.

Ponytime #7: Eis im Kino

Wir üben für den Ernstfall nach dem Staffelfinale und reden diesmal ohne Jelena und Gerjet leicht unterbesetzt und ohne eine neue Folge im Rücken über diverse Pony-bezogene Themen. Dabei schweifen wir von der Nachrichtenlage zur kommenden Doppelfolge »A Canterlot Wedding« über Superhelden und Markus Lanz bis zu den berühmt-berüchtigten PONY.MOV-Videos.


Or in English:

Ponytime #7: Ice Cream in the Movies

We practice for the emergency after the end of the season and talk about various pony-related topics, this time slightly understaffed, without Jelena and Gerjet, and without the support of a new episode. We touch on such topics as the upcoming two-parter “A Canterlot Wedding,” super heroes, Markus Lanz, and the infamous PONY.MOV videos.


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