Derpy and the Ladybug by *da-andi

The following article was posted as a clip from TV Guide, and contains a general synopsis for the season finale of FiM. At this time this is 100% unconfirmed and possibly could be a trolling attempt. Thankfully I know my readers have either brushed it, but I guess some people are “up in arms” about it. Just in case this does turn out fact, we’ll continue the article past the page break.

This has been confirmed to be 100% real, appearing in the March 12-18 edition of TV Guide. We posted a new article on it here.


NOTE: The following was written before we had the confirmation we have today.  We posted a new article on it here.


It has been confirmed by one of our editors, Spazz, that the current edition of TV Guide does not contain this information. He took a moment to run to the store and check it out. As he pointed out in his original update on this article, it could be from next months TV Guide that someone leaked, you never know who is working the printing press.

On a side note he also mentioned the upcoming South Park episode has a generic description. If you have not caught wind, someone on the IMDB has created a description for the new upcoming episode as My Little Brony. It hasn’t been reported on because most are 99% sure its a troll. Someone did the same thing last year with a screen cap of Zap2its schedule. The only difference this year is the fact of the whole Derpy ordeal. The word “derp” is their creation, and their animation process literally takes 6 days from concept to air. But until some hard evidence appears, we are definitely not reporting on it, outside of this little paragraph.

The other things that have been noted is the fact TV Guide doesn’t even list The Hub. Again but to a lesser extent, it could be next month they will start, but that’s stretching it big time.

I have personally looked closely at this picture, ran it through a few filters. Far as I can tell, its definitely a picture of a real thing and not photoshop job (like the Zap2it screen about SP last year). The one thing I notice is this seems to be a single page. If its TV Guide, its usually pretty thick. Could be one of the back pages, but I just find it odd.

So either until next month or some more information is found, this is flagged as Rumor, 100% unconfirmed, and probably false.

Myth Busted.


NOTE: The following was written before we had the confirmation we have today.  We posted a new article on it here.


UPDATE 10:13:30pm CST:

Personally checked this out, it’s certainly not in the March 5-11 issue (Jack Bauer on the cover), but who knows if the photo below is an advance copy of the next issue.
On a related note: It also gives a generic synopsis about the new South Park on the 14th, so still no details on that.

Hasn’t been 100% confirmed its TV Guide, but in general it looks its format. If someone happens to have one, is in a store or something, a full on picture would be nice. I might go check myself if I end up at the grocery store.

This is classified as rumor until such a time.


NOTE: The following was written before we had the confirmation we have today.  We posted a new article on it here.

  • Anonymous

    >her brother Shining Armor

    Woah boy.

  • body of the pony’s Purple Pony Tail Hair Rosa Rosa The Friends Please know.

  • Anonymous

    Well rabbit, dog, desert frog! What a twist.

  • Brendan Danieli

    My jaw is on the floor. That’s quite a twist…

  • Trixie in disguise.

  • At any rate, the surrounding stuff seems to corroborate. Regarding ‘Scotty and 4/23’.

  • Gage Scratch

    Like Spazz said, it’s still way too early to assume any of this is true. We just recently got the synopsis for episode 23 after all. Let’s wait a couple more weeks before we get all giddy.

  • Anonymous

    There’s no need to wait a couple weeks. If my suspicion is correct, this will be answered in the next few days.