First are some prototypes that a Chinese seller is listing on eBay.

This purple pony looks like G3 Wysteria. Her entire body–eye and cutie mark included–are covered in purple glitter that’s on the outside of the pony. Normally there’s an area around the eyes that aren’t covered. This is also the first time seeing this cutiemark in G4.

The second pony is Pinkie Pie, but with the glitter not on her eye or cutiemark. Her cutiemark is also pink/white/black instead of blue/yellow. Because of the three inks used in her mark, it’s not a factory error of her normal mark, which uses two inks. This is also a different body color than what’s used in her normal toy and the Crystal prototypes we saw years ago.

[Source: josiekat on the MLP Trading Post]

Next is info on the next Funko vinyls at Hot Topic.

Brony Glaore PM’d Hot Topic on Facebook asking about the new vinyl toys. Hot Topic said that the third wave will either be Lyra and Pinkie Pie or Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. They also said that they’ll be releasing every member of the mane 6 in time, as well as something “larger” in development for 2014.

It seems that the next two waves of vinyls are developed at the same time and what is shipped first is chosen later.

Release dates for the vinyls are still unknown.

[Source: MLP Trading Post]

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