by: Undead-Niklos

You can find it there, it will be released on Feb. 28th 2012. This will be the first DVD that they say will feature 110 minutes of video, we can hopefully assume that is four or five episodes with extras on it. Pre-order now for $10.49USD instead of the regular price of $14.97USD.

I may end up waiting until they all come out or see if they have plans for a box set!

  • Ath644200

    I think it's better this way, each DVD with its own cover and let's face it, in the "Boxes" most of times the dics get out of their places and get scratched or are so hard to take them out that you fear you'll break the disc by pulling.

  • plaster

    I know the company doing it probably doesn't have experience with anime dvd box sets but the full metal panic fumoffu first dvd came in a special box with a poster and left room for the next 2 dvd cases after that.

    I can dream

  • pixelkitties

    At long last! I'm really excited to see what kinds of special material might be included.

    I am a bit disappoint that there's no blue-ray release planned as of yet.

  • Spazz

    I think the paradox is that people who're holding out for box sets may actually hurt sales in a way that they may not consider producing a full set of DVDs.

  • plaster

    its not like they are still waiting for the first season to finish. I don't know why they can't do a full box set for the first season anyways. Maybe they're testing the waters?