Premiere of the Band of Bronies Show

Band of Bronies Show banner

Our partner Everypony Radio has banded up with FOB Equestria (the folks who have been putting out all those interviews recently) to launch a new radio show, the Band of Bronies Show. According to intel that is seeping out, you can look forward to some more great interviews in the future!

Are you in search of a new Brony show?

A fresh new podcast that includes Bronies from all over the world?

Well then, tune into the “Band of Bronies” show on EPR, featuring members of, FOB Equestria and the occassional guests!

Catch it every Saturday at 3PM CET (9AM EST, Sunday midnight EAT), only on Everypony Radio.

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(The times above are 14:00 UTC, but please tune in one hour early in case they start at 13:00 UTC.)

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