When it rains, its pours. Not sure where these pictures come from just yet, it was found by Lethallin via imgur, but we’re guessing another preview found in the puzzle games. From what we can tell these are images from the upcoming episode MMMystery on the Friendship Express, but are not 100% sure, it could be Dragon Quest (or a mixture of both). Picture gallery after the page break. Imgur gallery found here.

Update: Its been generally determined that the screenshots are more than just MMMYstery of the Friendship Express, they include that episode and the few others that are coming up.

  • It’s a mixture of both. A couple of images I see in here I recognize from the preview clip in the game. The others seem to hint more to “MMMystery on the Frienship Express”

  • Anonymous

    It’s more than a mixture of both, actually. There’s Hurricane Fluttershy ones mixed in there too. Row 1-2, column 4; row 3, column 3; and rows 4-6, column 1 almost certainly are.

  • Mason

    This looks like a mixture of “Dragon Quest”, “Hurricane Fluttershy”, and “Mystery on the Friendship Express”

  • Anonymous

    That explains it. I was wondering how they could fit all this stuff into one episode.

  • Anonymous

    I think the ones with Rainbow Dash in a cap are from Ponyville Confidential.