The Amazon page for My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic: Princess Twilight Sparkle has now been populated with information.

The DVD has an April 30 release date; this was the mysterious “April DVD” floating around for awhile. The list price is $14.97 but is available for pre-order from Amazon for $12.99.

The DVD is a single, region 1 disc at 120 minutes. It includes the episodes Games Ponies Play, Magical Mystery Cure, MMMystery of the Friendship Express, Magic Duel and Lesson Zero.

  • EquestriaGuy

    Peculiar list

  • well i must say this sounds like “the best of twilight sparkle” dvd to me

  • Alan Back

    If I were in charge, I’d have put “The Return of Harmony” in place of “MMMystery” and “Games.” Much more Twilight-centric, and it would have filled in the only two-parter not yet on DVD.

    • Applepie

      And me too.

  • BronyDash925

    Gosh, what a season. My first season as a Brony and it’s over… it’s going to be a long 9 months

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