Project Tales from Equestria

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Project Tales of Equestria

With the end of season 1 bronies everywhere are left with at least 6 months of poniless void to face. And in times like this are perfect chances to bring up interesting projects to entertain and bring together the fan base with a great project. It all occurred to me after reading some of recent releases of Avatar comics, taking old franchises and creating compilations of stories by different artists.

Then I thought, this fanbase have great artists and writers, so what if we bring all this talented people to work together on a big project to help bronies face the poniless months and have something to talk about. The project would consist of a compilation of stories by different artists and writers, all of them not too long, something about 10 pages tops and with free theme with obvious restrictions of course. That would give an opportunity to everypony to work on their skills and give aspiring comic artist a chance to play around a little.

Now have in mind that this is a project in development and a lot of things are still to be set, but with the help of other artists i'm pretty sure can pull it out.

Here are the basic guidelines set so far.

- Try to keep the stories mostly PG13, with a few exceptions.

- Stories be around 3 to 10 pages long.

- All themes are a go, stories don't need to follow any canon or fanon, just be good and fun.

- Artist must use the A4, 72 dpi, RGB standard format.

- Closed stories would be better, but something continuous can be considered.

For more information contact me at:

or at #mylittlepony on

For a FAQ on the project visite the following link:

Hope i can count with you guys.


I'd be in, if I had some talents in art or writing (well, I do with writing but have yet to do a pony fanfic).

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