Pwnies for a Cause Charity Livestream!

BSB + Kiki

Source: Bluescreen Bronies.

Ahhhh…Don’t you just love the holidays? It’s time full of family, fun, friends, food, and all manner of generally positive activities. One especially positive activity that I particularly enjoy is a bit of a charitable giving. Especially charitable giving that takes place in a fun-filled environment with all of the aforementioned aspects and more! But dear author, what type of an event could you possibly be alluding to that would encompass all of these elements?

Well friends, it’s the ever so wonderful and gratifying charity livestream! The particular one referring of course  is called “Pwnies for a Cause” and it’s hosted by the up and coming gaming centered podcast, Bluescreen Bronies! The event, which will be taking place on the 29th of December from noon until Midnight EST will be hosted on Everfree Network and it will be featuring all manner of merriment to raise money for Kiki’s Cancer Treatment Fund! So if you fancy some video games and charity, then this is the event for you! Check out the full press release after the break for information relevant links, and the likes. Take care and enjoy the full moon tonight!

Update: Seems the event is not being hosted on EFN anymore. You can find it here:

Hello Bronies, Gamers, and uh… Brony Gamers!

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, giving, and Steam Sales! The gaming podcast Bluescreen Bronies and Edock the former Lead of Ponies Live Now are hosting a twelve hour gaming marathon to support Kiki’s Fund. Saturday the 29th of December from Noon until Midnight EST there will be games, guests, and prizes all lined up to help Kiki!

“But Draco, Everfree Network is having a Top 100 stream the same time!” No worries, we are streaming EFN’s music stream in its entirety so you’ll miss nothing! With guest host Crescendo, we have many events planned through the day and night. With guests like Joe Stevens & TechRat from Equestria Enquirer, Jen & Hannah from Silly Filly, Heat Wave from Lunar Republic Takeover, CowboyDave & Screwball from Stay Brony My Friends, musicians Cyril the Wolf & DannyBrony, EFN Site Coder Nash, Emily of Pegasisters Live, Firemane, and Ami and Mimi stopping by why would would you miss this?

Update: Seems the event is not being hosted on EFN anymore. You can find it here:

Prizes include Awesomenauts, Batman: Arkham series, Bioshock, Castle Crashers, Dungeon Defenders, Humble Indie Bundles 7, Metro 2033, Mirror’s Edge, Prince of Persia Complete Pack, THQ Humble Bundles, Titans Quest and much more! We also have artwork from Ami and Mimi signed by Tara Strong herself! Come join the Bluescreen Bronies, Crescendo, and our many guests wish a happy holiday to Kiki and her family!

Event Schedule (Still pending last minute alterations):

Contest Rules (Non-donation items):

Contests for prizes will be held via Twitter at set times during the stream. Winners will be selected from tweets to @BSODBronies with the #SavingKiki based on first to answer the trivia questions correctly. Winners of game code(s) must follow @BSODBronies to be direct messaged a phrase to mention via steam message so their prize(s) can be sent to them. Winners of physical materials must follow @BSODBronies to be direct messaged an email to send their mailing address for item delivery. Winners will not be able to win another non-donation tier prize for at least two (2) drawings through the night.

Contest Rules (Donation Items):

Those that have donated at least Ten US Dollars will be entered to win one of six prints signed by Tara Strong. Amounts over Ten US Dollars will go towards extra entries for prizes, with one extra entry for every Ten Dollars. Winners will have all entries removed giving equal chance to other entries.


All prizes must be claimed by the winners within 24 hours or be forfeited.

  • Anonymous

    “These alternative treatments include Spiritual treatments in person and long distance, Nutritional support, Alternative potential cure options that was claimed by people to be effecting (We got to try) and anything that we feel may help.”

    Sounds like people are donating to support hucksters selling snake oil and false hope.

    • RommelsBadAss

      I wouldn’t say that. I’ve met Ami (Kiki’s father) in person and I have to say that they are genuine people who need the help, despite my own reservations about some of their methods. You also have to keep in mind that Kiki has been deemed beyond the effective scope of chemo, so it’s not really an option to go with the traditional route to begin with.

      Seeing as how no parent wants to tell their kid, “sorry love, there’s nothing we can do”, I can understand why they are trying to find anything that could possibly work. I’d do the same or at least make the process as comfortable as possible for my kid. It’s no easy situation to be in and it’s certainly made more complicated with the state of our healthcare system currently.

      But either way, if you don’t agree with the cause, then don’t donate to it. That’s your prerogative. But I just wanted to make sure that at least you try to understand where they are coming from, or at least think about what you would do if you were entrapped in a similar situation.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t have to explain where they are coming from. Everyone knows they’re in a difficult situation. The fact is they’re asking for money form strangers and using it to support people that prey on the desperate. These people will use their money to sucker in more people, both those who may or may not be better cured by research-backed medicine.