Ponies ponies ponies ponies.  They shall expand over all generations of gaming before season 2 starts.  Meaning we’ve seen a wide range of “game generation” based games, from Nintendo to at least PS2 powered 3d graphics.  Above is Rainbow Blast Dash, which looks to have the feel of SNES’s F-Zero racing or the special stage from Sonic the Hedgehog CD of the Sega Genesis.

It looks good so far, but as a few miles to go engine wise, but Xeol the person behind the project is looking for a few helpers to flesh and code out the game.  There’s even mention of a possible 3d version (probably if enough talented staff is found).

Now the one thing that catches my eye is cornering, which needs a little work, and that begs the question….can ponies drift around corners while running at a high rate of speed…?   Keep up the good work Xeol.

Xeol’s Tumblr
Ponychan Thread

  • Plaster

    right now that's actually rarity running around a SNES Mariokart track.

  • Sterling_Facade

    If we are gonna take over all the generations can there be a Derpy Tomb Raider?

  • Issa The Panda

    This is Xeol!
    We're adding 3 modes!

    We're already working on drifting.
    Also, on special skill. Most likely The Sonic Rainboom.

  • nh4no3

    If this includes drifting, you'll have to change the name to Initial-DASH.

  • Issa The Panda

    What do you mean by that? DASH in the game mode or the title name?