Rainbow Dash, Age 4

from Ask Rainbow’s Dad

For your Friday entertainment: Toddlers & Tiaras is reality TV show that airs on TLC which follows the stories of families with small children who compete in beauty pageants. This past Wednesday’s new episode featured a little girl named “Rainbow Dash.” Rainbow Dash got her name because she loves My Little Pony so much (Friendship is Magic, presumably, as seen in the following video). Watch as Rainbow Dash Dresses In Style after the break or on DTV.

Toddlers & Tiaras – Rainbow Dash

You can watch on YouTube if you’re not in the USA.

  • It’s silly

    • Anonymous

      Incredibly silly. But a good incredibly silly.
      I think the twist here is that a lot of folk were expecting some brony parents that may fit the superfan stereotype, simply judging it from what they heard.

      Instead, they get a kid that’s African American with parents that are just relatively regular parents.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure I would call pageant parents regular parents.

        • Anonymous

          The key here is “relatively.”

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