This is old news by now, but its noteworthy because of it being in a bidding war that’s already over $2000usd.

My god, the person who made this has to be jumping for joy right now, especially after their fluttershy went for well over $3000. HEY HASBRO, TAKING NOTES?

If you think you’re hot stuff with enough money to throw around to make these kids tremble in fear, join in the fray with this link

Thanks to Shootingstar-21 for reminding us that we needed to post this.

  • derpymaths

    nice! combine exacting hand-made craftsmanship with the reckless "take my money" fanaticism of pony fans and you've got yourself a profit margin.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure if it's legal though. She's selling copyrighted characters after all. Then again Hasbro doesn't seem to give a shit.

  • Hoppip

    >well over $3000

    uhh, it was $2,500ish

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    I've been seriously thinking on selling one of my kidneys, but I'm afraid it just won’t be enough.

    I'm Just Kidding, but the awesomeness of the plush justify any actions made to earn that amount of money, if any brony does something crazy just to buy it I would totally understand.

  • elli


  • Celestial

    Is it just me, or is the cutie mark backwards? If you go to the eBay page and look at the other pictures, I am pretty sure it’s backwards. The tip of the lightning bolt should pointing backwards, not forwards… Besides that though, this is the best plush I have seen. The backwards cutie mark though would drive me slowly insane.