The Rainbow Rocks brand now has something tied to it. Official images of a Rarity set has leaked online, along with the info that it will be sold for $19.99, though there are currently no listings for it.

3The set comes with a Rarity doll with ears and tail, a guitar, a “backstage pass” card, a new brush and a Rarity playful pony brushable. Both toys have rainbow colors in their hair along with their normal colors along with a KISS-style mark over an eye of her cutie mark.

It can be assumed that the rest of the mane 6 will get similar treatment with matching ponies. Whether or not they’ll have different instruments is to be seen; a G1 line featured only various guitars with ponies with 80’s patterns.

[Source: MLP News]

Edit: We got some more in. The mane 6 sans Fluttershy have popped up as promotional pictures without their packaging. All guitars besides Rarity’s look like they can open up (there’s a hinge on them), but what’s inside could be anyone’s guess. G1 had Rockin’ Beats ponies that each had a guitar that also served as a brush, so it’s possible that since Rarity’s guitar is different and is paired with a brush, all the other guitars are brushes.

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  • I think that’s more of a “keytar” than a guitar. But yeah, just guitars is a safe bet. A drum kit would take up too much space in the box and I don’t think the dolls come equipped with the “kung fu grip” necessary to hold a microphone… or even a hairbrush.

  • Anonymous

    So…. that were the mysterious rainbow lines rumoured months ago, supplementar merchandize for EG….. meh.

    Oh well, at least this won’t affect the show, less a problem.

  • TD

    I really can’t decide if I like these or not.

  • Da Kaptin

    …Why is Hasbro doing a throwback to Jem? Just…why?

  • Chefs

    Look carefully at the shoes, they appear to have regular feet this time. The first set of shoes has toeless shoes..