RainbowDash Network to Split

It seems the RD Network community has come to the conclusion that they must split in half, but its an agreement on both sides.  Since its creation, basically a lot of roleplaying has cropped up, which of course there are people out there that do not enjoy it as much as others.  I’m a roleplayer (though not of ponies) and indeed with the way the network works, a split would be a good move.  Also it seems they have some trouble with the server, probably due to the heavy load it gets, so I can’t say if a new server will be added or if this is just a split in the service, but it might help that situation.

Apparently they are looking for a banner, roughly the same size as the current one, for the roleplaying side of the community.  Entries can be thrown at webmaster@rainbowdash.net, deadline May 11th.

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