Get well by =gunslingerpen

And while everything else is going on, there is an exclusive clip of Read It and Weep that has appeared on Video after the page break.

[Source: MovieWeb / Pacce]

  • Black Jack the unicorn

    ^_^ this looks like epic win! I love these recent movie references.

  • anon

    Equestria Jones?

  • lightningthorn

    Does anypony else see RainbowDash in that pony?

    • anon

      That was my first impression as well.

      I think it’s a bit of her picturing herself as the story’s protagonist. She’s really getting into the story!

      If you look, one of the pony’s wings is bound up. My guess is RD broke her wing.

  • Twaiuraito

    Awesome! Raiders is my favorite movie of all time.

    Indiana Dash!

  • Wirlogh

    Spoil man!!!
    If anypony didn’t notice it… i won’t tell you