RedEye on Bronycon

It seems late night Fox News is looking hard for things to talk about, and Bronycon is it.

Higher quality video coming when available.

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  • Anonymous

    we late night news now

  • I posted this on youtube also…but here you go.

    “There is no wink to adult viewers in the shows” WRONG. Derpy Hooves.
    This guy has no idea what he is talking about, he just went there to make a mockery of the fan base. Its sad that he would insult bronys just to make himself look better.

  • Anonymous

    This needs a bit of music.

  • “That’s really wrong.” —Nicole Oliver epitomizing all of Fox News.

  • derpymaths

    “you had me at free cereal”

  • 2007excalibur2007

    I can’t watch this without cringing. His sarcastic remarks are just… JUST… URRRGHHHH D:<

  • Well, that was…bizarre.

    The whole news piece was really over the top. It kinda made us look normal, now that you think about it.

  • Ah so it was Red Eye that was there, makes sense. I figured when Plaster said Fox News was present, that it was the local branch (Fox5) and not Red Eye.

    I’ll admit, didn’t exactly bang my head against the table, but probably cause it seems the people interviewed have been seen in other interview videos.

    As for “over the top”, Red Eye isn’t a real news show, more like Fox News’ sad attempt at a comedy news show. They use to have Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus, lead singer of Gwar, on the show at random as a field reporter. If you don’t know Gwar, basic concept is the band LARPs as Space Warriors (and has for 27 years now).

  • plaster

    Ah yeah, this guy. Tekaramity and myself were talking in between panels watching this guy interview people. He said that he was from Fox News and I assumed it was a local branch.

    I’m glad my gut reactions still work though, because as soon as I saw him I knew he wasn’t there for good reasons. I can’t watch this.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhhh, there it is. FOX sure does know how to alienate large groups of people, don’t they?

  • Pacce

    What an asshole.

  • Anonymous
  • Wildfire

    I get the feeling that the interviewer did not watch Friendship is Magic. He sang the theme song from G1. Definitely a simple mockery, and not real journalism.