Regarding the Pony take-downs on YouTube

(saving this before it’s taken down)

  • XyroTR1

    Are they taking down clips and fan videos, too? Or just episodes?

  • DerpySquad

    Clips and fan videos now. That video of the floppy drives playing Winter Wrap Up was just recently taken down due to a copyright claim filed by Peter Parker…..Alex S and some of the other musical people have had their channels taken down too.

    We're actually looking into providing a youtube style service for the big guys. No episodes for obvious reasons.

  • lsapilot

    We need something like simtube, which is like a youtube for Flight Simulator videos. The same should be done for ponies.

  • Daisymare

    I like PonyTube. But I seriously think that the musician bronies that get attacked by obvious fakes should seek legal action against the attackers. Most if not all the music done by artists like Mic the Mic, Tarby, Glaze, the Living Tombstone and JackleApp are is original and the copyright is held by them and not Hasbro. They have legal rights to sue the fraudulent "companies" claiming copyright infringement and since their videos on youtube help them monetarily, them fraudulent claims are a financial loss. I feel they should seek a class action suit against all fraudulent claims. YouTube has to provide us the names and addresses attached to the people making claims against our artists.

  • Sleepingcobrox

    I'm fine with them taking the episodes down so long as they upload the episodes themselves.

    As for taking down fanmade content and remixes made by our fellow musicians/remixers, that's just wrong.

    Hasbro will make a big mistake taking down fan made content.

    Either that or the DCMA law has got to go because it has been causing trouble for everypony.

  • DerpySquad

    But it should be noted that it isn't Hasbro doing the take downs. YouTube has a shit DMCA service, basically anyone who flags it enough can get a video taken down. There has yet to be any official word from Hasbro themselves on the subject of youtube. PonyArchive is a different matter.

  • Daisymare

    Yeah if Hasbro asks us to remove our fan content that blatantly uses their content then we should comply with no complaints. Now when obvious fakes use gorilla tactics to remove our artists original work that's a different matter. If Hasbro asks our artists to remove their original works then I might assume it's because they plan on buying the rights to the songs and putting out an official brony label giving our artist record deals. That would actually be super sweet.

  • Sleepingcobrox

    I believe that Hasbro has nothing to do with the takedowns. I highly respect them for not hindering any of the fanmade content our fellow ponies have made.

    They to me are like Valve, a company that doesn't screw with their beloved fans

  • Party_Grunt

    I got hit today on the Ponified Bleach video I did back in August. Says its from the Recording Industry Association of Japan so I'm not sure if it's trolls claiming they are RIAJ or if it's legit, but the timing seems suspicious.

    I hope that ponytube project thats been talked about takes off, I'm sick of Youtube's BS lately.

  • Anonymous

    F*** DAMN IT youtube is becoming shit now my favorite pony vids are takendown by fake people god damn trolls im sicking tired of these trolls i wish someone makes a pony page for fan videos with out being taken down with false excuses cuz this is getting ridicoulous now!