Horrifyingness of those things before your eyes aside, yesterday, there was a press conference revealing the rest of the Japanese dub cast for Friendship is Magic.  Interestingly enough, they got some good ones.

Translated from Anime!Anime!:


[Newly Revealed]Twilight Sparkle:  Sawashiro Miyuki
Pinkie Pie:  Mimori Suzuko
Applejack:  Tokui Sora
Rarity:  Sasaki Mirai Mikoi [Correction:  Accursed Kanji readings — Doc]
Rainbow Dash:  Kitta Izumi
[Revealed]Fluttershy:  Katou Emiri
Spike:  Kumai Motoko
Princess Celestia:  Inoue Kikuko

The real standouts are Emiri Katou [Kagami Hiiragi in Lucky Star, Kyuubey in Madoka] as Fluttershy, Miyuki Sawashiro [Kanbaru Suruga in Bakemonogatari, Female Knight in Maoyuu] as Twilight Sparkle, and Kikuko Inoue [Belldandy in Aa!  Megami-sama] as Celestia.  Although, Emiri is mostly known for playing more abrasive characters, aside from Kyuubey (and he’s more Mephistopheles in cute animal mascot form…).  Same with Miyuki.  It should be interesting nevertheless.

Also, there will be new opening and ending themes for the dub.  The opening theme will be “Mirai Start” by Mimori Suzuko (that’s Pinkie Pie), and the ending theme will be 片思いの唐揚げ [Kataomoi no Karaage] by  HKT48, which you can find embedded after the break. [Author’s Note:  Thanks to Atticon via Derpibooru for submitting this one!]  As a reminder, the dub will air starting in April on TV Tokyo and affiliates.  No word on sub groups as of yet, but someone will probably pick it up.

[Update:  The conference can be found here.]

  • So what, am I the only one who woke up, saw that picture with Twilight and Pinkie and started to scream uncontrollably in horror?

    • Yeah I thought the same thing. The pony suits remind me of the ones used for FIM live.

    • David

      One of the only times in my life I’ve alternated so closely between uncontrolled horror and gut-busting laughter. I think if I saw them at a park, I’d fall down laughing, but might just soil my pants should they come over and interact with me. Those eyes, those eyes…

    • Anonymous

      I think they look better than the American mall ones that we’ve all seen by now.
      I only question the excessive frilly bits.