Review of Limited Edition DVD (Germany)


Christmas is around the corner, and if you forgot to buy a present for your loved ones, the following item will let you share your love for My Little Pony.

As a Christmas present for all fans of the show, EDEL Records released a remastered limited edition of the first DVD. Vivid colours, 5.1-sound, and an additional audio track are just the topping on the cupcake, because every DVD is paired with one brushable of the Royal Wedding toyline. EDEL Records took the criticism about the first volume to heart and did their best to fulfill our wishes with this limited edition. With the first three episodes and The Cutie Mark Chronicles, the most useful episodes to introduce someone new to the show are on the disc.

That said, let us start with the video quality. Compared with the first DVD, the quality was increased some levels and is now similar to the color-corrected iTunes version, however, due to DVD limitations, the video resolution is just 16:9 widescreen PAL (1024 × 576).

The German 5.1 audio track sounds crystal clear even on high-quality speakers and is a pleasure to your ears. Also, the German stereo track is always perfectly synchronized and flawless, even though the dubbing from late 2010 does not yet convey the joy the voice actors have today working at SDI Media for the show. The English audio track, however, has its minor flaws. Not only it is only avaiable in stereo, the PAL speed-up caused a noticeable loss of quality. Those of you who unfamiliar with traditional video systems, are probably confused now. Due to 25 fps instead of 29.97 fps, German episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic only take 20:36 minutes instead of 22:01. However, the English dub was made for the “longer” episode, so a speed-up of about 7% is necessary to keep everything in sync.

Only the mediocre quality of the English audio track and missing bonus features may hinder your viewing experience, but for circa €15 you can’t go wrong with this limited edition. Thanks to the missing region code, you can watch it on any DVD player, and the menus are self-explanatory.

While we gave the first DVD a 7 out of 10, we can give a 9 out of 10 to the limited edition.

DVD Specs:

Runtime: ~86 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 (German) / Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 (German/English)
Regio Code: 0 (Free)


Ein Auftrag von Prinzessin Celestia part 1 & 2 (Friendship is Magic 1 & 2)
Eine Freundin hat’s nicht leicht (The Ticket Master)
Schönheitsflecken-Geschichten (The Cutie Mark Chronicles)

  • Gebirges

    Mine got a Rarity in it! ewww
    Just kiddin, where I live you can get every single Mane6 brushie except Rarity… she is sold out everywhere…

  • Applepie

    I’m looking forward to this.