Well it has been quite some time since we’ve talked about any kind of unofficial pony apps, and we were asked by the Ponu News App people to come check out their new Android based application. And so I did this morning. I will note it has also been awhile since I’ve checked out what exactly was available for Android users when it came to pony related apps. In the past we’ve had various people attempt to cram a ton of information together to create an app, some not too bad and others very much ‘eh’. One of the downfalls usually was the interface, and this is where at least to me Ponu News App stands out.

The app was tested on my Samsung Infuse, which is some mutant offspring of the Galaxy series. It features some highly unknown version of Android that cannot even run the MLP Gameloft game, likes to freeze up in general to the point I’m usually trying to snap it into two pieces or just slamming it against a table, and here and there it decides life has gone on longer enough and resets for no reason. Ponu News App manage to get installed with zero issues (though despite the radiation leaking from this phone, I’ve never had app installation issues).

The app itself has a nice and simple layout in the form of basically four scroll menus. Three appear on the screen and you can touch-scroll down. Much like modern apps like Facebook you can also scroll further and force the app to update its data. Subject matter is split into four groups. NEWS, MUSIC, FANFICs and COMICS. Each subject bar features about 18 articles and when clicked upon basically open up a preview page that gives a brief description or preview of the article and a “Read More” link. Pressing the link will bring you to the actual source of the article (music to YouTube channels, fanfics to FiMFiction, Comics to DeviantArt, News to EQD or DHN).

I also wanted to point out the settings menu as the makers of the app have given you some control over the program, namely dealing with data usage. The settings menu features options that allow you to not download the images used in the app (text only), or per say allow the app only to update when wifi is available. That is a nice feature since at least the USA basically no longer has unlimited mobile data plans (shut up Sprint) and it does get pricey when you go over (AT&T, max data w/ tether 5 gig limit, +$10 per 1g over).

3 out of 5 muffins, would use if I had an Android tablet because I really don’t look at ponies on my phone.

The Ponu News Android App


  • XyroTR1

    Psh, T-Mobile has unlimited, un-throttled 4G data now! It’s pretty amazing. :)

    Nice writeup DS!

    • Thanks. I forget about T-Mobile because they virtually do not exist where I live. Sprint has one tower every 30 miles, I switched to them once and was never told when you’re roaming on Verizon’s network, you have a data plan of about 400mb per month. Yeah…they cancelled my contract real quick after several months of using about 15gigs.