Review: The Brony Show

Okay, I know somepony is going to say dear god, a review, but its something I will be doing, as I am trying to get my flank out and about into the community (rather than hide in my dark corner on the irchighway).  So as I check out all the new things going on in the community, such as all the great shows and podcasts, I will also be reviewing them, or at least what I thought.  So here we go.

The Brony Show is a weekly livestream show that airs at 9pm EST, every Monday.  Its a mix bag type of show and various in time (seems to be averaging 3 hours give or take).  Tonight also featured guess PrisonFish from Celestia Radio who does voice over work for the station, and as male I must admit does have one damn sexy voice.  Put it this way, the guy can totally do Flutterguy on key, and may be singing some pony songs (which I’ll feature).

I also joined the show on a record setting net, as they got about 156 viewers at one point, I’m sure thanks to the promo on EqD (we’ll try and remind ya next monday that they are on, if I remember, cause I’m bad at that).  The show started off with some banter, and a review of pony news such as the Mexican Bus Ads and such.  We watched the Bridle Gossip episode, and then dived into the world of the PMVs, more or less with the show sharing what they thought about each video.

Tonight they featured MLP Abridged Episode 1, My Little Derpy Ep 1, Pwnies Abridged Ep 3, Friendship is Witchcraft, MLP FIM FanFic, music video Head Like a Foal, and Bronies United: Winter Wrap Up.

All in all its a good show, and hopefully I’ll make it back there next week (again, if I remember), and recommend anyone who hasn’t checked them out, to do so.  You can find them at and their site does include forums and other features.

4 out of 5 muffins.

Next Review will be over at EveryPony Radio, which is replaying the series a few episodes at a time every Thursday.  Again, I hope I remember.

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