So the Lego Cuusoo Pony project has surpassed 5,828 signatures on its support, has a goal of 10,000 where it becomes “official” in the sense that the people at Cuusoo will bring this idea before their gods, aka Legoman, or well Lego. I’m posting an update since I keep getting e-mails about it, we reported mainly on the project back when it only had 545 signatures (March 5th or so). Addam the person behind it has updated with several new pictures, including the construction of a Chrysalis / Changeling style figure. Also added is DJ Pon-3, double version (with or without glasses) and includes tables. Those pictures (and the others from previous articles) behind the page break.

As we’ve also discussed in both posts, there is generally one speed bump in the entire project that may or may not be a good thing, and that’s the fact Hasbro runs Kre’o, a Lego-like toy building block system that more or less works with Lego. I cannot confirm anything but somewhere I heard that Hasbro (unaware of this cuusoo project) made mention there might be development in Kre’o ponies, but do not quote me on that. But it may help the relationship between Hasbro and Lego, as there was talks several years ago between the two companies on the subject of Transformers.

Personally I’ll say this is one of the few things a person like myself would actually buy. I’m one of those guys who does enjoy ponies, but the only thing in my office that is pony is a framed picture of the US Postal Derpy Stamps that were made last year. Hint…hint Hasbro, I know you’re watching.

The Lego Cuusoo Project Page

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My Little Pony highlighted by Cuusoo Twitter during Animation Week



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  • Daisy Azuras

    What US Derpy stamps? Real stamps or fan art made to look like stamps?

    • Real, the US Post Office has a service where you can place your own picture on a first class stamp, and have sheets of them run off. These ones where made by Purple Tinker back before she was ‘known’ in the fandom.

      • Jody Morgan

        Is it still possible to buy them? I’ve been pondering the idea of making my own, but I’d certainly like to see what’s been done before.

  • Anonymous Pony

    I would Buy these in a heartbeat!