Romantically Apocalyptic’s Captain Endorses Ponies

Okay, this might not be considered news, but its fun when a webcomic you got introduced to through ponies, endorses ponies.  Romantically Apocalyptic is a fan comic about a post-nuclear world and following the survival of Zee Captain and Snippy.  The comic has a very serious tone to it, but written in full humor, I do endorse you to check it out.  I was introduced to RA through the /b/ side of ponies, when I was sneaking about there back when /co/ and /b/ were the main brony zones.  Someone by the trip of “TheWastelander” kept posting pictures from the comic, and I finally read it, and liked it, its one of only 6 webcomics I read now (when it updates).

Anyways, I was checking my facebook here before I punch out for the night and see the above image from Zee Captain’s facebook.

‎…captain shows his love for ‘friendship is magic”.

When I watch this show I prefer to explain their magic with RA logic: “The world of my little pony takes a million years in the future after humans exterminated themselves through nuclear war and ponies are the dominating species that have evolved into various types (unicorns, pegasi, etc) some gaining so called magical powers, others getting wings.
Evidence of this great atomic disaster is that in a lot of places there are strange mutated beasts to be found such as dragons, seasons no longer work and ponies have to manage the weather, wake animals up, etc.”

And we love our captain here at DH.

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