Round Stable: Interview with Manestream Games

Tales of Equestria - Radiance of Harmony by *WingsofFox

Pony Gaming, probably one of the few tiny lights in the desert that will be the summer off season. My general motto for that….go outside.

Within our own gaming community there are multiple projects which are being worked on, everyone knows the major ones, Fighting is Magic, Ponykart, Legends of Equestria, etc, but there has been a few small ones who don’t get too much spotlight, namely due to them being single player games. Its a little harder to showcase what you’ve done without spoiling the game itself, reasons why we don’t see too many updates from Manestream Games or DreamValley Games (Fiends from Dream Valley platformer).

Thankfully though KefkaFloyd over at the Round Stable sat down with Manestream Games for an interview about their adventure game. To refresh your memory, this is a CMC adventure game (obviously from the name) built in the style of old Lucas Art point – n – click games. Great example is Maniac Mansion. The last update from them according to our archives was in early October 2011 (found here) with a game demo. Learn what has been up with the team and the game, over at the Round Stable.

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