And This is Him When He Was a Foal!
by *johnjoseco

This Saturday the Hub is airing a special encore presentation of A Canterlot Wedding. Why is this news? At the moment it is not, but many are predicting this is possibly when the Hub will announce Season 3 since they are putting some advertising promos behind it. For the moment this is just speculation. Many within the fandom are foaming at the mouth for word of when Season 3 will begin, but so far there has not been a single word. Equestria Daily was trolled last week with a fake @HubTVNetwork account (@HubTVNetvvork), and many have scratched their head at this odd listing on Zap2It. This listing has been declared to be fake as this conflicts with the schedule listing on Zap2it’s big grid. It has been pointed out on Canada’s Treehouse TV that there is a show called Manon, a short that airs between episodes, and has an episode which carries the name “Strawberry Elves”.

So far the facts remain, we have no clue when Season 3 will begin, and so far we’re clear up to Saturday the 22nd. Many people are watching Zap2it as they are typically the first source to get information such as episode synopsis.

The Hub Royal Wedding promo video after the page break (basically a rehashing of the original).

  • sunset horizons

    “Many within the fandom are foaming at the mouth for word of when Season 3 will begin”
    how did you know!?

    • sunset horizons

      that i was….foaming at the mouth… XD

  • Quiet Desperation

    It was that or chomping at the bit.

  • Aponymous

    For what it’s worth I’ve noticed for the last few days that 1) next saturday (9/15) is the season 2 rerun-rotation with e7/e8 (May the Best Pet Win / The Mysterious Mare Do Well) and 24 hours late (10am,9/16) is the repeat(or restart?) of the first two episodes of Season 1. (and doesn’t that Zap2it description for elves even say “Friendship is Magic: Part 1?”)

    and Yes,I knew via Zap2it about the primetime repeats a few months ago :P no time machine or anything

    tl;dr – I’m not chomping or anything,I’m patient,but still no idea where Strawberry Elves came from. (maybe it’s a spinoff of Shortcake? =p)

  • 404compliant

    If season 3 starts at 2012-09-29, the 13 episodes will precisely run until Christmas, which makes perfectly sense from an merchandising standpoint. However, thats less than 4 weeks from now, and zap2it sources usually spread the word 28 days ahead. So this is getting unlikely since last Saturday.

    So what if season 3 starts with a two-parter on 2012-10-07? It would still finish before Christmas, and Zap2it wouldn’t know before 2012-09-08, precisely the day of the upcoming wedding rerun. This could make sense. But is still all speculation.