I highly recommend going through the site, just to be reminded of who the target audience of this show is.

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It seems Hasbro has thrown up a website for the Royal Wedding, with a mix of new things and old. A fellow going by Whatshisgame (reporting to Equestria Daily) has broken down the site and the assets in it. Since this includes information on a possible new character for Season 3, details can be found after the break.

  • Welcome To Pony Princess Wedding Castle: The main menu. Its background music is the instrumental of the extended version of “Love is in Bloom”!
  • Pony Princess Wedding Videos: Just clips from “A Canterlot Wedding – Part 1” so far. Shining Armor’s expression is somewhat amusing, though.
  • The Kitchen Within Pony Princess Wedding Castle: Another new version of that design-a-scene/creator game, this time all about cakes. Some crystal stuff is included. [Find the game here; it doesn’t seem to have been added to the site yet. – Doc]
  • The Library Within Pony Princess Wedding Castle: Take a quiz, get one of four results. The choices have quite a few fan-favorite characters (including Derpy in less-googly-eyed-but-still-googly-eyed form from the edited version of “The Last Roundup”). Quizzes 2 through 4 haven’t actually been put up yet, but they’re hidden in the files—quizzes 2 and 4 are set to have choices related to “the cultured Crystal Empire”.
  • Dressing Room Within Pony Princess Wedding Castle: Coming soon. Looks like a new version of The Hub’s The Fabulous PonyMaker/Rarity’s Bridal Boutique, this time using Princess Cadance instead of ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL. [The game can be found here if you’re in the mood for a preview – Doc]
  • The Skies Above Pony Princess Wedding Castle: Coming later. Looks like The Hub’s Rainbow Dash’s Rainboom Game.
  • The Courtyard Outside Pony Princess Wedding Castle: Coming later. Looks like The Hub’s DJ Pinkie Pie. Right now the background shows DJ Pon-3’s eyes in proper lighting, not hidden this time!
  • Fluttershy And Friends’ Printable Activities: PDF files. The four currently available are Take The Changeling Challenge (yes, changelings have made it onto Hasbro’s printables), Crystal Cave Maze(presumably the caves beneath Canterlot from “A Canterlot Wedding – Part 2”), Princess Cadance Perfect Match (I can’t stop laughing at the top-left one), and Royal Wedding Task Matcher (the mane six’s roles in the wedding). The four not yet available look like ones that were already released by The Hub a while back.

Digging through the files, this image shows up:

Captain of the Night Guard, perhaps?

Thanks to Whatshisgame and Equestria Daily for the breakdown.

  • Citrus Rain

    Who/what was the “Original Pony Do Not Steal”?

    Because the only thing that makes me think of is Shadow the Hedgehog.

  • Doc

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-syHudY_5A That, evidently. Although, I believe the “ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL” bit was originally a Sonichu meme.

  • Spaghet

    Equestria’s scariest villain yet: a deviantart OC

    • derpymatic

      ooooooh SNAP!

  • ponytime


    I am continually amazed by how inherently snarky, arrogant, negative, jaded, and overall mean-spirited all the commenters on this particular site are about literally EVERYTHING, compared to really anywhere else like EqD.

    Not gonna lie. This site is rapidly gaining a reputation for the kinds of people that visit and post on these articles. And it’s not a good one.

    • derpymatic

      pffft. newbies.

    • Cause we live in the real world, not the magical land of colorful equine.. Unlike other sites there is no community formed around the place, we don’t have a forum, an irc channel, or gaming groups, and personally that is how I like it.

      Outside a few rage articles such as the Microaggression one, comments are fine in general, I do keep watch over them. If it was to get really bad, then I’ll just have the whole commenting section removed from the site.

      In general though, people are coming here for the information, not the comments, otherwise all articles would have some, and not 0 90% of the time.

  • Supertide

    Let’s just hope the Cutie Mark Crusaders come up with that OC pony in an episode which takes a slight jab at the fandom.

    Oh, who am I kidding.