Royal Wedding Promotion Page

Mare’s Day by FoxInShadow
Mare’s Day
by *FoxInShadow

The Hub has launched dedicated a promotional page for the season finale, with several games, apps, and wallpapers for your enjoyment.

Two of the activities are not yet active, their mouse-over text says “Coming Soon,” but what we can already indulge in are “Rainbow Dash’s Rainboom Game”; a pony maker app (“Rarity’s Bridal Boutique”); a completely revamped Valentine’s card designer (“Twilight Sparkle’s Royal Invitation Designer”), which is now of course wedding-themed; a mysterious cake quiz; and a collection of wallpapers, coloring pages, parlor games, and hats (you’ll see), which you can also find here.

I’ve also added the four wallpapers (again not widescreen unfortunately) after the break, because they contain what some may see as spoilers. You’ll see some old faces!

Many thanks to our friends of The Round Stable. Check out the discussion in their forum for more information.

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