Royal Wedding Cake Toppers by Catnipfairy

Royal Wedding Cake Toppers by Catnipfairy

The Hub and Hasbro have released the TV ratings for the royal wedding episodes. The first episode scored “the Hub’s best-ever telecast in network history” in the categories Kids 2–11, Kids 6–11, and Households, and the second episode was second-best in the latter two categories. Moreover, “the Hub earned its second-best Saturday (6 a.m. – 12 a.m.) in network history” in four categories! Congratulations!

Get all the details here.

3 comments on “Royal Wedding TV Ratings: First and Second Place in Several Categories

  1. KouThan says:

    That’s great news and also the adult numbers are pretty good.

  2. Heartmend says:

    This is AWESOME news! I’m really excited for Hasbro and The Hub. I hope the toy sales are outrageous because of this. I hope they have trouble keeping toys in stock they fly off the shelves so fast. :)

    Even if Season 3 is only 13 episodes, I really really really hope that MLP:FIM is renewed for a fourth season.