The above image is from Russian toy vendor  Seeing as this random Russian website is apparently the first place these dolls have shown up, it might be fake, hence the rumor tag.  Still, if you’re interested in getting Equestria Girls toys, here’s your likely first look.

[Update]  EQD is reporting that these dolls are in fact prototypes.  No source for that listed, though.  Calpain down in the comments of the EQD article credits show staff on Skype.

[Source: via Derpibooru]

[Second Update]  Just for the sheer amusement of it:

[Update the Third]  She is was also apparently lurking /mlp/.  Be nice and say hello now, will you?


[Fourth Update]

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  • Vetro

    Update: These are prototypes. The real models have new faces, axed wings and ears, and different outfits.

  • Carolina A Leo

    It also reminds me of the Monster High character dolls. Fluttershy reminds me of Lagoona.

    I can’t wait for the toy debut! I wonder if the shirts will be made of real cloth or stuck in their bodies. Hasbro’s Strawberry Shortcake medium dolls have shirts, skirts and even dresses are designed to dress up and made of real cloth.

  • Shiek927

    I can’t tell if Lauren is happy about it or not, but I’m gonna say “no”.

    They look goofy though – it’s no wonder people were surprised at how much better they look in the movie: the toys and concept art we keep seeing looks *bad*. If Toys are arguably what started this movie, wouldn’t you think they would put most of the effort into them?

  • I genuinely feel sad for her, those thing actually represent the complete opposite of her conviction and what she tried to change with ponies :/

    • Indeed :(

      It was still nice however to see her in /mlp/ and, more than that, stick up for Meghan.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that this is dumb… but at the same time, when you take a job for a company like Hasbro, this should have been expected.
      To save money and maximize profits, it’s always easiest to take an existing property and make a split of that.

      I’ve lost count of how many times Transformers was remade, rebooted and spun off of.

      • Yes, right, but how to say …

        Hasbro just suck, and I do not say that because we’re the pirate and they’re the copyright owner, I say that because ponies legal distribution is a complete failure (look how many episode was broken on iTunes), DVD are made fastly by a company that don’t care and now they try their Equestria Girls thing that may trash the whole serie, so economically, its a complete non-sense, because if you look at Hasbro Financial Result for last year, you learn that actually, Ponies print money …

        Beside, their last try to do something else than pony (LPS) is a complete failure and they loss money on it …

        This company is both ethically and economically wrong, I just don’t get how they can be in the position they are actually on the market …


        • Anonymous

          Well, they’re doing this to compete with Mattel’s Monster High.

          “Instead of dropping millions to create a whole new IP, why not just take our hottest brand and spin something off of that?”

          That’s the mentality the upper management at Hasbro has. It does make sense in the business side of things, because they’re a toy company, first and foremost.

  • Anon

    Well, that was certainly fun. It’s things like these that bring the fandom together (more or less) and we can have some jolly good times together.

    …Maybe she can unite the fandom under one banner and fight the oppressive empire of Hasbro.

  • Anonymous

    oh hey, look at that.
    in the sea of tulpa and fetish threads, /mlp/ is finally useful for something.

  • Anonymous

    Add the picture from the second thread, guys.

  • Anonymous

    Attention: I guess the message where she said that she planned something similar to Alicorn Twilight from the start is not her, but a fake.

    • Anonymous

      Not fake, and Faust stated that a few times already.

  • Dogman15

    You guys should report on the big thank you card /mlp/ made for Lauren Faust, whom some are metaphorically calling their (collective) mom.