Flash: Russian Ponies – Music is Magic – Dan vs. FiM – DJ Pon3 + MC Wish Throwdown

Cybershock by *Trotsworth

Random flash for the random night. The first one comes from the ponyfans of 2ch aka our Russian Friends, random flash song of ‘wtf’ and I’m too drunk this evening to be watching it. Music is Magic by Lentoto, the Dan Vs FiM clip from Fluffy, and dx11’s Pon3 + MC Wish Throwdown. Currently testing flash embeds, so if nothing appears when this first posts, give me a moment. Also be warned the Russian video (first in line) has no loading screen, so its going to come on, and make sure you don’t have the volume cranked.



[swf src=”http://www.derpyhoovesnews.com/flash/fanflash_2ch_duuuude.swf” width=640 height=380]

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[swf src=”http://www.derpyhoovesnews.com/flash/fanflash_music_is_magic.swf” width=640 height=380]

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[swf src=”http://www.derpyhoovesnews.com/flash/fanflash_dan-vs-fim-mixermic.swf” width=640 height=380]

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