S2 Episode 3 Info Revealed (officially)

Welp, this pretty much confirms the rumors as far as episode three goes. The episode description finally popped up on TVGuide and reads:

Whaddya mean "gets" anxious?

via TVGuide.com

  • Johnny

    This will delete everything about the writers running out of ideas and this episode being inspired from a fanfic.


  • 8ftmetalhead

    all the people who knew the deal with 'writers can't read fanfics' and the specific legal term that goes with it that i can't recall at this time will be like 'told ya' to the people that think writers want to read fanfics more than they want to keep their decent paying job.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, who was saying that the writers wanted to take ideas from fanfics or whatever? I apparently haven't been in the know about random rumors.