[S2E1] The Return of Harmony (part 1)

Discord, trickster and fallen ruler of Equestria.

[S2E1] The Return of Harmony (Part 1)
written by: M.A. Larson
guest star: John de Lancie

It seems Mentos did finally get his hands on the raw HDs, and from what I’m told, he still has the best quality going on, despite competition this season (namely the HD rips are 6 channel audio and not just stereo). The final linkboard is above.
What can be said about this episode? The reviews are in and you can’t find anything too negative, the only complaint I’ve heard is that the story seemed rushed at parts, but in a way it is. Personally this kind of story probably needed more than a mere 44 minutes total to be told, so the only blame that can be pointed are the suits who dictate how episodes run. The crew themselves outdid themselves with the time allocated to them.
One point of interest I take is the fact that Discord was the ruler of Equestria before Celestia, who ruled in disharmony. Celestia saw how this upset and hurt the ponies of the world, so she formed a coup de grace with Luna to remove Discord from power, and trap him in stone. So in a way, Discord is looking for revenge. Also fun to think after the two sisters locked Discord away, at some point Celestia would use the same power to banish Luna to the moon. Make ya wounder what happened there.
The other point is the animation of the episode. Remember that this story was produced during Season 1, and we saw some awesome animation tricks going on, quick as they may be. Just things like Rainbow Dash pulling some Gs around the cotton candy clouds, or the Apple Fiends that AJ encounters in the Maze, or even the simple camera pan during Discord’s stained glass window scene, the part where he was telling Celestia how he didn’t turn ponies to stone. Its more or less giving the world a 3d feeling, despite it not being 3d (or is it?).
Last, before I was heading off to bed and checking the twitter stream, I noticed Lancie posted about doing a reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s Raven, which I happen to watch earlier. Not even sure how I came across it.
You heard the man.

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