by ~ponyrake
S2E11 : Hearth’s Warming Eve
The six friends are in a play about the founding of Equestria for the Hearth’s Warming Eve holiday pageant.

  • Spazz

    This episode was clearly a commentary on the state of the brony community.

  • Pacce

    Hooray for Derpy!
    I'm bummed she didn't dress as Rudolph…

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    God damn it, this episode is beautiful. I have to watch it again and again and again.

    In this episode Rainbow dash is at least 90% cooler.

    I have to agree with SPAZZ, maybe it wasn't completely directed to the community, but it felt like it was.

  • Mason

    Was a pretty cool episode. While it lacked any cele/luna explanation, It still delivered a very fun an interesting story on the founding of equestria.

    Definitely a redeeming ep for Merriwether Williams, considering the mixed reaction "Mare do Well" recieved.

  • Anonybutts

    They tried to shove a moral down our throat(Again) just like in Sisterhooves Social, and felt even more forced and cheesy than Elements Of Harmony and Return Of Harmony.
    Also the spirit horses should of had more screen time than just 20 seconds.